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Se Gun Song

Managing director

Se Gun Song is the inaugural managing director of Ethnoconnect Vietnam. He is the founding member of Ethnoconnect Australia (Asian Youth and Culture Council) and served as managing director until 2016. He worked for the community sector in Australia for over ten years. Currently, he is a lecturer in sustainable community development at Thang Long University in Hanoi and has worked with several international NGOs, including volunteers and consultants. His research interests are social economy, social entrepreneurship, and social capital.

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Sheila Martinez

Technical director

Sheila majored in media and communications in Spain and has a background in TV broadcasting. She specialises in storytelling and editing, but her skills also include film directing, project management, and cinematography. Sheila currently works as a communications strategist at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C. She is devoted to media for social change and believes audio-visual tools can be used for social campaigns. As a Frontier Market Scouts Fellow, she understands the importance of communication and media in social development, particularly the community involvement in creating messages to empower people and strengthen causes. She has worked on several projects in the UK, Spain, Australia, Rwanda, and the U.S.


Quynh Anh Nguyen

Marketing Manager

Quynh Anh is an administration and marketing manager. Over the past 25 years she has worked in a variety of fields including engineering consultancy, hospitality, international development, diplomacy in multicultural environments utilising diverse skills in management, administration and human resource. She studied Russian Language at the Hanoi Foreigner Language Institute in 1991 and obtained an MBA (Distance Learning Program) in 2004. She also took numerous training courses in skill improvement throughout her works. She has good organizational, communication and leadership skills. 

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Khanh Linh Vu

Graphic designer

Khanh Linh Vu has a bachelor’s degree in languages from Thang Long university in Hanoi. Although she is a recent graduate, she already has a great deal of experience in film industry. Her passion for drawing and design. Her creativity does not stop with designing only but she can come up with innovative ideas for our clients’ projects.

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Ngoc Anh Pham


Ngoc Anh has a bachelor’s degree in languages from Thang Long university in Hanoi. Currently she is a chief video editor for the Ethnoconnect Vietnam. Her skill set includes videography, webdesigning. She has the highest level of command in using a number of digital art related softwares and her long-time passion is computers.


Cong Huy Phi

Technical director Vietnam

Graduated Bachelor at Oxford Brookes, UK and master degree at Monash, Australia.
Experience in teaching and supervising photography techniques, video techniques, designing TV commercials, multimedia script.
Ability to analyze and build media scripts, Multimedia scenarios.
Quality supervisor for the visual media sponsorship for the competition “FBA Innovation Challenge 2015, 2016” – Enactus FTU Hanoi.
Human resource management for collaborators, audio and visual materials for Korea's Music Bank event in Hanoi, 2014.
Member of Judges of the "Information and Communication - One Way" Photography Competition - Ministry of Information and Communication, 2014.


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