Ethno Connect is a social enterprise established to promote the multicultural Australian society by strengthening network among ethnic communities and by facilitating business link between communities.


Ethno Connect aims to provide educational and vocational trainings and the trainees will work as agents for cultural and business exchange.


Se Gun Song


Se Gun is one of the founding members of Ethno Connect since 2008. He has a community service background and he is also a research student on social enterprise for migrant and refugee communities.

Sarah Stevenson

Community Engagement Consultant

Production Assistant

Sarah has had a strong background in Illustration and Design. Developing a keen interest in film production, she graduated from University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Production. With a passion for story telling through film, Sarah has experience with editing, cinematography, set design and various other roles in the industry.

Sheila Fernández

Video Director, Editor, Digital Producer

Sheila is involved in creative processes  from early stages to the cutting room. Sheila’s main focus is editing, but she also does directing, camera, and leads projects. She graduated in Media and Communications in Spain and has a background in broadcast TV and media for social change purposes.

Sophia Lee

Assistance Production Manager

Sophia has masters degree in film theory and worked at the peak film industry body in South Korea. She participated in the numerous short film projects.

Mona Makram

Script Writer and Trainer

When I came to Sydney, I missed my home Cairo. I had no one here. There is nothing like feeling as a stranger. With no chances to work as I had no local experience! And how would I be able to acquire the local experience if no one hired me, not even as a volunteer!

And finally, I became part of Ethno Connect: at last, I had a job, friends and a life. 

You should experience it yourself!

Erin Park

 Finances and Admin Manager

Erin has Bachelor of Media Arts and Production in University of Technology Sydney and Master of International Studies. She used work at advertising company as a production manager. She produced various TV commercials. Most recently, Erin worked for United Nations and International Organization as a Project Officer related sustainable development. 


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