About Us

We are a Vietnamese project of Ethnoconnect Australia (our registered name is ‘Asian and Youth Culture Council’). We have been operating in Vietnam for three years and were recently formally registered as an international NGO with the People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) in June 2020. We are currently operating as a social enterprise. 

Ethnoconnect Vietnam’s mission is:


  • Promotion of cultural diversity in any form, including cultural rights and the wellbeing of ethnic minorities in Vietnam

  • Promoting and empowering the Vietnamese civil society and its members by providing services in communication and public relations

We were originally established in Sydney, Australia in 2012 to promote multiculturalism and to empower young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. We provide them with media training and offer work experience in the media industry. We realised there was a barrier for entry into the media industry for young people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, even though media plays a critical role in promoting cultural diversity. With support from the CALD community, the youth group grew up to be a professional production in the form of social enterprise working for governments, NGOs, and community organisations.


Ethnoconnect has been established in Vietnam to meet the emerging needs for the large number of NGOs present there. We develop effective communication strategies that reflect the ethos of the non-profit sector and uphold the community spirit, which commercial productions often fail to capture.


Any surplus financial recourse made from the trade is reinvested. Free or low-fee training courses are offered to members of the Vietnamese civil society and disadvantaged groups, such as youths and women from low-income backgrounds. The training components of the programs are delivered in partnership with Thang Long University in Hanoi.

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